Teeth Whitening


It is without doubt that stained, yellow teeth can be drastically ageing! Not only that but bad teeth can also stop you from smiling, as opposed to a beautiful sparkling white set of teeth, which will undoubtedly increase your confidence and make you more appealing. Research shows that people who smile more are seen as being warmer, more approachable and more successful.


Whiten your teeth in the space of 45 minutes by purchasing your product from LoveLite Official Supplier. Make use of our revolutionary self-administered method, in combination with the acceleration lamp for advanced whitening results. After the simple and comfortable process you will see the immediate benefits of brighter whiter teeth. This can be continued at home for maintanence, if you are looking to increase the result obtained from point of purchase.


Does it hurt?

LoveLite uses a NEW revolutionary Magenta system which helps de-sensitises and soothe the teeth. Most clients enjoy a comfortable relaxing treatment free from sensitivity.


How bright and white will my teeth become?

This depends on the level of discolouration. LoveLite products are particularly effective for removing tobacco, coffee and red wine stains, however we cannot gaurentee how long your results will last or how white your teeth will lift too.


How long will the results last?

Lovelite cannot gaurentee how long your results will last, however we highly reccommend the purchase of additional kits!




£80.00 Price


1 Session

Lovelite Teeth Whitening: £80.00 per session